Rating: 5 out of 5

I heard Lemn Sissay talk in conversation at a replacement event for the cancelled Brighton Festival at the end of May. He mentioned this anthology of poems about and from within the NHS. It seemed like a good thing to own and to read during this time.

I put page markers beside a number of poems. Some because they were clever, and some because they made me feel. Here’s my list:
- Donning my stethoscope
- Scanning
- We mourn your children too
- Dream a little dream of me
- The laying out to come
- The pattern
- Open heart surgery
- Repeat prescription
- Faces
- Life after stroke
- How to frighten cancer
- The ‘D’ words…
- The way I see it
- Kindness
- Before the NHS: My Mother’s appendicitis

A good time to read a good anthology. Hearing the many voices from the different professions which make up the NHS has been beautiful. Especially at a time when my appreciation of the NHS is a little closer to the surface.

“All proceeds will go to NHS Charities Together which supports over 135 official NHS Charities raising money for NHS hospitals, ambulance services, community and mental health services across there UK.”

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