I had the pleasure of attending The Story again on Friday. As with last year I didn’t interact with twitter at all during the day, although several other people did and the #story2013 hashtag has some interesting links/thoughts against it.

I have pages of notes, but they are mainly things to read more about, or to watch, so I’m not going to include much from them here. I found the first half of the day incredibly emotional - admittedly I’d had a bit of an emotional week - but Edwyn and Ed talking about In your voice, in your heart, Rebecca O’Brien talking about The spirit of 45 and Alex Balfour’s reflection on the London 2012 experience all brought a lump to my throat.

My favourite thoughts of the day were probably: > “Kids learn about the war, they don’t learn about peace” from Rebecca O’Brien which is actually a damn good point


“Orchestrating emotion on a grand scale” from Alex Balfour which just makes me think back to last August and September and the emotional response to the Olympics and Paralympics from so many people - even cynics like me

So, all in all another good day. And as with last year, it was good to spend some time being absorbed in something that wasn’t technical.