I spent Saturday in London, and stumbled across the Colonel's Review of Trooping the Colour - basically a rehearsal before the proper one next week. Immensely colourful, and lots of people wandering around. The squirrels were out and posing (or at least trying to get the tourists to feed them!).

I spent the afternoon in The Photographers Gallery. I found the book store immensely well stocked and somewhat overwhelming, and yet still managed to leave without buying anything. The general theme of 3 of the exhibitions was "found imagery" with Joachim Schmid exhibiting discarded photographs from around the world, including one that he found the day he put the exhibition together.

The 2nd related exhibition was a collection of images from Found, Ohio and Useful Photography and includes a fax machine to allow new imagery to be faxed through and displayed on the wall of the gallery.

I was also quite fascinated by the In Almost Every Picture exhibition - there are 5 books made up of related photographs covering subjects such as non-identical twins wearing identical clothing and a collection of photographs of a photographers wife whilst on their travels - these have all been put together by Eric Kessels from collections of photographs he has found in flea markets across Europe. I think the fascination for me came about because they reminded me of photos that Mum has from her holidays with her friends in the 1960s.

The cafe was a wonderful place to relax, with copies of photographic magazines and books on the tables, as well as the artworks on the walls. I'm looking forward to spending a couple of hours there again soon.