Rating: 3 out of 5

I read this because I’d just finished reading Self-Compassion and both gratitude and Robert Emmons gets a mention. I’ve been writing daily gratitudes for 2.5 years now, starting soon after my Mum died when I needed a boost. But I didn’t really understand the psychology behind it. I still don’t really but I got some more ideas to try and practice. My favourite new addition is this one:
“After you get into bed, but before drifting off to sleep, try to focus on pleasant thoughts – good things happening to your family or friends; the soothing sounds in your bedroom; how fortunate you are to be in good health; future plans, such as holidays or an upcoming trip; enjoyable things you did during the past few days; how relaxed you are feeling; good things that other people have done for you in the past few days.”

A good, small, book. I didn’t get out of it quite what I’d hoped, but I’ve got some new practices to incorporate into my life.

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