Julia was going to show us how to prepare and serve a great leader.  And so she began……

“OOOOKaaay everybody, here’s how we do it.  Mix all these ingredients in a medium sized office.  We use a medium size because we don’t want too much hot air in the mixture.”

“3 cups of common sense”

“A ton of courage.  Ooohh yes.”

“A gallon of heart”

“Just a pinch of ego – oh, be careful there, can’t overdo that”

“A quart of confidence”

“A spoonful of intelligence. You don’t need as much of this as you think, because of the common sense”

“A tablespoon of self-awareness”

“Oooh, don’t forget a dash of mischief!  This really brings in the flavor.

“A cup of integrity.  Oooh no, the truth doesn’t hurt this recipe”

“And last, 2 cups of persistence.  This makes sure everything combines well”

“Put the mixture under low heat – but not too hot.”

“Stir occasionally, and season with some fresh time.”

“You’ll know it’s ready when you can put some pressure on it and it bounces right back.”

“Voila!!  A great leader!  Bon Appet.. umm, wait……Bonne Direction!!”

Julia then left the room, but she left behind the book.  I quickly picked it up and put it on my bookshelf in my office, confident that the next time I needed a leader, I had the perfect recipe.

I think this is a really pleasant, somewhat cheesy, but clever definition of what a leader is