Rating: 4 out of 5

I read this whilst travelling back from a holiday. It’s an easy read. Well, but simply, written. Emotionally rich. Good characters that I wanted to know more about (tho not so much that I immediately bought the next book in the series - there are plenty of other books bouncing up and down demanding my attention!).

It’s a book about grief. And about how two different people handle their grief about a shared incident. February is the month that has both of my parents’ death anniversaries in it, so was a good time to read this story in many ways. Some of the descriptions of emotions met what I’d experienced. Others not so much.

Definitely the friendship found amongst other people with similar stories - for me the death of one or more parents - rings very true. A lot of the people I’ve added to my friends in the past couple of years have one or more missing parents. We didn’t meet through bereavement groups but through other hobbies. And the empathy, compassion, and honesty is important. And that comes through in this book.

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