Yesterday I had the pleasure of welcoming Jeremy Keith to the Madgex offices to reprise the talk he gave at Fronteers 2010 entitled The Design of HTML5

Jeremy's description of the talk was:

Everyone's talking about the benefits of HTML5 for web apps but the specification also introduces an extra layer of semantic richness to our web documents. These additions aren't wishful thinking for some far-flung future: you can start using them today. That's because the design principles driving HTML5 are steeped in pragmatism. Find out how important good design principles are to any project, whether it's a website, a content management system, or the very language that underpins the World Wide Web.

And 17 Madgexians crowded into the boardroom to hear what he had to say.  Jeremy's talk at Fronteers 2010 was transcribed, so with the exception of different questions and answers, you can read what he shared with us.  An enjoyable talk, an engaging speaker and a great pleasure to have been able to arrange it.