I spent yesterday afternoon at Borde Hill Garden with a friend. We both have a season pass for Sussex Prairies and Borde Hill is included in that. So we thought we’d meet there for a chat and a wander.

Last year Richard, the dog and I all visited the Borde Hill sculpture exhibition. This year’s show, The Artist’s Garden, is a smaller scale exhibition but was still a lovely thing to take a look at. I was particularly taken with the ones that react to the breeze and move around. Hard to show the movement in a photograph tho!

I also enjoyed the playful animal ones - the hares, the pheasants and how they’d been placed in the grounds.

It was a pleasant place to spend an afternoon, with lovely company, and even an ice cream break. It was great to spend some time somewhere that felt “away” from the more usual current concerns. And even better for being able to see some art. I’ve missed going to exhibitions. My afternoon also allowed my brain to stop its constant whirring for a while!