Yesterday I had the fortune and great pleasure to attend the first TEDxBrighton.  I started the day playing down my expectations, trying not to expect too much from the event to avoid any element of disappointment.  I ended the day delighted that the day had delivered to those original high expectations and realising that I needn't have worried.  What follows are my mind-map style notes of the talks, complete with mis-spellings, smudges and sometimes barely legible scrawl.  More detailed notes from the day from another attendee can be found here and here, and I'm sure there are more yet to be written, published and distributed by others.

Speaker  1 - Greg Hadfield 2015: The road to a digital Brighton

Speaker 1 - Greg Hadfield

Speaker 2 - Dr Judith Good Learners for Change

Speaker 2 - Judith Good

Speaker 3 - David Bramwell The Number 9 Bus to Utopia

Speaker 3 - David Bramwell

Speaker 4 - George MacKerron Mapping happiness across space and time

Speaker 4 - George MacKerron

Speaker 5 - Prof Darrell Evans Scanning for Gold: the making of a high performance athlete

Speaker 5 - Darrell Evans

Speaker 6 - Antony Mayfield Superskills: Three things to learn about working with the web

Speaker 6 - Antony Mayfield

Speaker 7 - Jake Spicer Drawing out Wonder

Speaker 7 - Jake Spicer

Speaker 8 - Sue Bradley Crarrogance

Speaker 8 - Sue Bradley

Speaker 9 - Prof Angie Hart Making resilient moves

Speaker 9 - Angie Hart

Speaker 10 - Sarah Angliss Loving the Machine

Speaker 10 - Sarah Angliss

Speaker 11 - Will McInnes Radicalising business

Speaker 11 - Will McInnes

Speaker 12 - Sally Kettle A Drop in the Ocean

Speaker 12 - Sally Kettle

TEDxBrighton was a well run event, with a high calibre of, mainly local, speakers. It was also one of the first conferences I've been to where the queue for the ladies was as long as for the gents. I appreciate it wasn't as much of a tech conference as those I'm more used to but none the less, it was good to see so many women attendees, and speakers for that matter.

Given the opportunity to attend another one, I'd leap at it.