Last night was another Sussex Geek Dinner. Again held at the Black Horse, this evening featured a presentation by Geoff Adams on Expression Engine, a CMS that I'd never heard of before. The talk took the format of a tutorial (presented on a flip chart as the Black Horse isn't the most technically equipped pub in the world), and certainly gave an indication of how flexible and powerful Expression Engine is. Jez has also used this CMS and so had some additional comments to make during question time. John and Ian stood up and talked about their $5 app idea, and Danny mentioned the Think what you would do if only you had the money then figure out how you can do it anyway meeting today. Shortly before the end of the main talk, I heard someone say "Christmas Trees" in an incredibly loud voice, I did think I was going mad, but Joh heard it too.

My conversations of the evening ranged from photography with Ribot and Danny, Hong Kong Phooey and Doctor Who with Ian, childrens tv and rock climbing with Steve, podcasts and screencasts about other podcasts and screencasts with Andy, wine and geeks with Danny and Richard, Kendal mint cake with Steve, Ribot and Dom and the Brighton Girl Geek Dinners with Joh and Jen.

Another great evening, and I'm looking forward to the next one as I couldn't get into Glenn Jones's session about Microformats at WebDD recently and so am really glad to get another opportunity.