Promotion: Name Your Price!

For a limited time we are running experiment - Name Your Price for new CodeIt.Right license(s) and if it is reasonable we will sell you the license(s) at your price. There is no definition of "reasonable" at this point - it all depends on the rationale details you submit with your inquiry below.

Don't wait, Name Your Price now!

About 18 months ago, one of the tools I analysed for static code analysis was submain's CodeIt.Right. It was a good tool and the only thing holding me back from using it more was price and time (there was a 30 day review period). Our suggestion at the time was to use FXCop. I've kept an eye on CodeIt.Right though as the team are always improving it, and investing in it. Last week, I was made aware of the Name Your Price! promotion, and so have put in my bid to see if I can get a copy for myself to work with. It would enable me to put it to the test in a more real world scenario. If you're not currently using a static code analysis tool, then you could do worse than put in a bid and see if you're lucky.