For a while now, I’ve been considering my use of Instapaper, and how it has become a bit of a store of anonymous material for me. In almost every case I read the articles I’ve queued long after I added them. By that time I’ve forgotten where the link came from - was it an email recommendation from a friend, or a trusted source, or was it a random link followed via twitter. In either case I generally lose the ability to follow up with the source about it - did I agree with it, disagree with it, find it interesting etc. Today I realised how I could get attributions, or comments, into Instapaper. I set up an IFTTT trigger. So, now, instead of hitting the bookmark I’ve got stored, I email the article to IFTTT with a tag of #instapaper with the link in the body, and the summary (including the source) in the subject line.

I’m trialling this with the vast amount of links I’ve got to follow up on after the excellent UX Brighton conference today (on which more another day) but so far I’m pretty happy with it.