I’ve filled yet another notebook, so time to write up yet more variations on the granola theme. My base recipe remains as it was in terms of quantities. But I’ve changed the method slightly. So here it is in full:

  • Put the salt and spices (cardamom, and cinnamon (I’ve also tried ginger instead of cardamom as the summer turns to autumn) into a small bowl with the wet ingredients.
  • Put the bowl over a pan of boiling water to melt and combine gently.
  • Put the remainder of the dry ingredients into a large bowl.
  • Once the wet ingredients are melted and combined, pour the wet ingredients into the dried ingredients into a bowl and mix to get a fairly even consistency.
  • Pour combined mixture onto a baking sheet.
  • Put the baking sheet and the mixture into the oven at 150 degrees C for 40 to 45 minutes, stirring at 10-minute intervals until it looks golden and the nuts have a crispness to them.