Earlier today, James tweeted 

Pointing a colleague to the excellent spu_GenerateInsert by @JaneFoth

to which I responded with

@jamesbradshaw your name is even mentioned in the version history "suggestion by James Bradshaw"

and to which he responded with

@JaneFoth I have have just had the pointed out in the office. I have just to mod it to cope with schema names do you want my editions?

To which I of course said yes.  James sent the updated procedure through, and spurred on by his activity, I also added a fix I'd been considering for a while - to allow the procedure to deal with tablenames which have a . in them, after having recently discovered that this was valid (basically by wrapping the table name in [ and ]).

So, no updates in over a year, and then 2 in one day.  Must be the same as how it is with buses...  Anyway, as usual the updated procedure can be found