Last autumn I bought us a slow cooker. It is only a small one - 1.5 litre capacity - but it has served us well over the past year. It has been especially well used on a Tuesday when I go out to GoodGym. Coming home to a warm dinner, especially during the colder seasons, has been wonderful.

I was looking for some new recipe suggestions the other day when I came across slow cooker bread.

You can bake bread in a slow cooker? I had no idea, but I had to give it a try. As my slow cooker is small, I halved the recipe and the baking time (1.25 hours), and it seems to have worked well The top of my loaf is quite pale, but the base is lovely and crusty - so I’ve decided that the bottom is the top and vice versa. I am surprised by how good it has turned out. I will definitely bake again. Possibly before the weekend is out.