LUMO Sensor

Last summer I spotted this kickstarter project and thought it sounded like a good idea — wearable technology to influence behavioural change is something I’d been thinking and reading about. Or, to put it simpler, something that reminds you when your posture isn’t right. I spend a lot of time in front of a computer. I have a tendency to slouch. I’ve suffered with RSI before and I try and keep an eye on my desk setup/body position. I shared the link with Richard who immediately backed the project at the level where the reward was:

Two LUMObacks in your choice of Jet Black or Mystery Color (you’ll get to vote)

In January our LUMOBacks arrived and for the first several months I wore it pretty much all day, every day. I don’t have a new enough iPhone to monitor my posture all day every day, instead I use my iPad to do it from home. This means that most of the day I rely completely on the vibrations rather than fine tuning via the app.

So, has it changed my posture?

Yes, I think it has. It has definitely had an impact. Although it hasn’t irradiated my various aches and pains, I am more aware generally of my posture. And I think I am even when I’m not wearing the device. One of the most notable changes is how I sit. When I’m at home, I now sit more often on the floor than on my sofa or chairs as actually, sitting without slouching on my soft furnishings is incredibly hard. So, if I’m doing some craft work I can usually be found sitting on the floor.

Have I changed my usage of it?

Yes, now I generally use it when I’m in front of a computer of some description. As I mentioned above, for a while I wore it most of the time, but actually it wasn’t really a benefit to my posture except for when I was in front of the computer so that seems to be the best usage pattern for me.

Is it a fully finished, polished product?

Not yet, but it’s evolving and the software updates have been good quality and so far seem to have been gradual and well thought out improvements. (I’m also on the beta testing program which means I get to see/experience the updates before they get rolled out to everyone)

Have I sworn at it?

Yes, if I’m having a bad day, which often affects my posture, then I can sometimes be seen/heard to whisper unrepeatable phrases at it. I generally leave it switched on and attached to me though (sometimes to Richard’s great annoyance).

And probably the key question, if it broke, would I buy another one?

At this time, yes I probably would. I haven’t ironed out all my posture problems yet and I’m interested to see where this goes. The software has already changed quite a bit in the 6 months I’ve been using it so it’ll be interesting to see what happens next.