My Dad liked a whisky. His most frequent tipple was a blended whisky with orange. But he also appreciated a single malt.

I’ve always thought that I don’t like whisky. In reality, I haven’t even tasted any in twenty or so years. As this is the year that I will be 50, I thought I should revisit this. Having looked around the internet, I found this tasting set and thought it seemed to offer a decent variety.

We didn’t particularly want to taste them all at one go as we thought we’d end up struggling to compare five flavours. So we decided to do two at once.

So last night, we did the first tasting:

  • Whisky 1 was Arran Barrel Reserve
  • Whisky 2 was Mackmyra Brukswhisky

The Swedish whisky, the Mackmyra Brukswhisky, got our vote in this round. For me, it was a little smoother (tho the other was far from rough) and didn’t affect my nose as much. The Arran made my nose tingle which was quite fun as a one-off but not something I could see myself seeking out as a sensation.

I enjoyed the warmth that both brought to a cold day and can definitely see the appeal of that, and I’m looking forward to giving the other 3 a try. I think my “I don’t like whisky” statement may need to be changed to “I don’t like all whiskys”