In September 2015 I joined a choir. This choir to be exact. It was the bravest thing I chose to do in 2015. And I have no regrets. Not only has it proved to be good for my soul, but it has also proved to be good for my social calendar.

My Mum was in a choir for much of my childhood. And she loved it. I was last in a choir when I was at school I think. It was always her thing, not mine. After she’d died I tried to think of things I could do that would include her in my life in an ongoing way. And I realised that I sang in the car a lot. So I thought I’d look into joining a choir.

I chose Soul of the City Choir for a couple of reasons. Firstly, a guy I used to work with had once been to a trial session and had raved about it. He didn’t join so he hadn’t loved it that much, but it did mean I knew of it. Secondly, the rehearsals are at a school that is about a 5-minute walk from my house. It couldn’t be much more convenient. So I signed up for a trial session. And after my trial session, I immediately signed up for the term.

Next week I start my 5th term. And I can’t wait. It has become one of the highlights of my week. You could come along and give it a try too. See you there?