Every three months an email comes around the office asking people to vote for their colleagues in an Employee of the Quarter style thing. It’s supposed to be for the people who best reflect the company values. After the votes have been tallied, and the award given, the nomination comments get sent around to the appropriate person. So, last week, I recieved an email which said

‘My vote is for Jane as she is very creative in everything she does’

which absolutely delights me. I am considered as creative within the company. Until the past couple of years I would never have described myself as particularly creative. And yet I am. And to some extent I always was. After all software development is a creative profession. I do think thought that as a result of participating in various crafts over the past 18 months I’ve begun to express myself in a more creative manner.

Of all the things I could have been recognised for, I doubt any would have made me as happy as being recognised for creativity.