I was listening to Seriously: Archiving black America as I was driving to take the dog for a walk. It referred to Fisk University only the only copy of the slave bible to be hosted in the USA. I’d never heard of the slave bible, but having listened to this podcast, I can’t stop thinking about it.

From the wikipedia page:

It was produced in England in the early 19th century for use in the British West Indies (the part of the British Empire in the Caribbean). Such bibles had all “references to freedom and escape from slavery” excised, while passages encouraging obedience and submission were emphasized.


British missionaries used that bible in the education and conversion of the enslaved population

The concept of going to a foreign land to convert the natives to your religion, teaching them from a bible that had been hugely redacted all so that the natives don’t get restless. It just feels so very wrong to me.