Having recently bought a Nokia 6110 Navigator, a phone with a 2MP camera, I wondered what helpful hints and tips this book could give me.

The book is split into 5 chapters which cover

  1. Choosing a camera phone
  2. Taking Pictures
  3. After the snap
  4. The camera phone community
  5. Troubleshooting

As I had already bought my phone based on other functionality, much of the advice in chapter one was too late for me although there was still a good section on accessories along with appropriate links.

Unsurprisingly many of the techniques in the Taking photos chapter are the standard set - rule of thirds, using ISO settings to compensate for lack of light, shutter speed and aperture etc etc. The camera on my phone doesn't allow access to all of these settings.

After the snap concentrates on what happens next - covering printing, sharing on mobile social networks (including some I'd never heard of - like fotochatter), digital frames and of course on-line galleries.

The community chapter covers mobile blogging, more about on-line galleries and camera phone cinema (I didn't realise there were camera phone festivals) including linnks and reviews of a number of providers of the various services.

The final chapter, troubleshooting, is what you'd expect but has an intersting paragraph about what to do if you've dropped your phone into salt water, chlorinated water or a fizzy drink (wash it in distilled water apparently).

All in all a great introductory book to the world of cameras in general, but obviously with a heavy mobile bias. The included links are relevant, and useful and all come with an explanation of what the service/site has to offer.

Review by Jane Dallaway, October 2007