I stumbled across Poladroid during the week and promised myself an opportunity for a play, so this morning I downloaded it and experimented a bit.


The application is currently mac only, but apparently a windows version is coming soon. The mac version is really nicely designed. A polaroid style camera is displayed on the screen, and you drag an image onto it. It then thinks for a while and spits out an image. That image starts off brownish, and over a few minutes the picture starts to become visible, little by little. Eventually the photo is ready and a chime sounds. Very nicely put together, and quite fun and silly. I'm not sure I've got any real practical purpose for this application, but I'm going to keep it around for a while and see what I can find to do with it. There are quite a lot of other poladroid images to take a look at in the be Poladroid! flickr group.