Rating: 4 out of 5

I’m glad this book exists. I’m glad that her agent, friends and family supported Maggy to write it. It reads like a combination of memoir, and helpful hints of things that have worked for her. And people sharing those kind of stories, especially about mental health, are so important. (Thanks also Matt Haig!) I feel that the more conversations people have about their own experiences, the bigger chance that others find someone who has shared that feeling, and that they’re not alone.

I don’t have any diagnosed Mental Health conditions, and nor do I think I have any serious undiagnosed ones either. But I recognise some behaviours, traits, or ways of coping. I have a toolkit of coping strategies (mostly healthy ones - no self-harm or drugs other than alcohol) that I rely on to keep my mind and body healthy, and to help me through the inevitable anxieties (small a), and sadnesses that come with making it into my mid forties. So I could totally relate to the lists of things to try, to reach for, to stay away from. A few friends have suggested I should share some of mine and this has made me consider that a bit more seriously.

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