Last summer I posted about Remember The Milk. Well, here I am 6 months on and I'm still using it, constantly. If I think of something I add it via whichever interface is closest - web, mobile, sms via twitter - and I no longer have a reliance on scraps of paper, or a notebook with scribbles all over it. I think that it is the number of different ways to enter a task, update a task list, review what needs to be done that makes this tool so valuable to me. Especially seeing as how I have a laptop at work, a different laptop at home, I have 2 different mobile phones (one work, one personal), a notebook/log book for work stuff - keeping a list on any one of them just wouldn't work for me without me having to make notes somewhere else as well - I know, I've tried it before.

So, yesterday, I decided it was time to support them, so I upgraded to the pro membership. And it wasn't because I wanted the extra functionality (although I'm sure I'll make use of the iPhone/iPod Touch interface) but it was because I realised how much I rely on their service, and how much I'd miss it if it wasn't around. So, for $25 for a year, I figured it was worth it for the feel good factor of supporting them.