On Saturday, whilst wandering around Waitrose (mainly by virtue of it being the closest supermarket to my house) I was looking for Pork Mince to use to cook a chilli from. I spotted this:

QR code on a pig

and noticed that it had a QR code on a pig in the top left corner. Being of a curious disposition I pointed my phone at it and followed the link. I did, however, take a moment to consider what I would find when it resolved.

My initial thoughts were that it might tell me something about the farm and farmer that the animal came from (I was mildly concerned it might tell me gruesome details about the dispatching method, but hey, I eat meat, I know what happens, if you can't think about that then you shouldn't be eating it right?), or maybe about Waitrose and it's approach to animal welfare.

The seond of these was on the right lines. It took me to this page (mobile centric, if looking on a desktop it looks awful). Which links to a microsite about Waitrose and it's approach to pork. (More information from their press centre here). An interesting idea, I wonder how many people are following the link - I didn't see the link printed anywhere on the packaging so if you don't have a QR reader, you're not going to get that information. I can't help thinking that it would be handy if it actually gave you an indication of what was going to be at the other end of that QR code tho.