Inspired by Meg’s What’s on the loom post I thought I’d take a quick look at what is in progress where. It’s more of an all-encompassing review of my projects physical or digital than just what is on a loom, but…

Physical projects

I don’t usually share works in progress from a physical/crafts perspective so this feels a bit weird.


Weaving project 26

Weaving project 26 started

Warped up over the pre-Christmas/Christmas period, and started this morning. The first time I’ve used string heddles - up until now I’ve just been picking out warp threads with a needle - and the first time I’ve used a shuttle. All good practice. This is inspired by my recent trip to Finland and will be somewhat freeform.

Looms not in use at the moment

Picture frame loom

Picture frame loom

Having a rest after a lot of pre-Christmas activity!

Back strap loom

Backstrap loom

A new bit of kit, bought out of money from Mum for Christmas. Decided not to play with it immediately it arrived, and is now on hold whilst weaving project 26 gets moving.

And pieces waiting to be finished

Weaving project 16 parts a and b

Weaving project 16 parts a and b

The plan all along has been to make these into an iPad case. I have companion fabric. I may have changed my mind about how I put it together since getting a bluetooth keyboard for my iPad making it more laptop shell like and thus needing a bit more space. So now I just need to get a pattern together, and start it. It is a bit intimidating though. And I think the weaving may have to be patch-worked rather than used as is. Suggestions and recommendations welcomed.


Sofa blanket early stages

New blanket started yesterday. Simple, needs little concentration and so is a perfect watching tv project. And I can already tell that it’s going to be lovely and warm.

Digital projects

I’m still looking after BrightonBloggers although during the course of 2012 I simplified the site so adding new blogs is really simple and less of a burden and so they get added much quicker. 2013 marks 10 years of running this site. I guess that should call for a party. We’ll see.

And as a continuation of my storyline inspired projects :

30yearsagotoday was started during 2012 and continues for the foreseeable future - I queued up all of January’s entries the other day. This, simply, is a twitter feed which shares snippets from my Mum’s journal of 30 years ago. As Mum can no longer communicate with me in any verbal sense, this is a nice way of making sure her presence is felt on a daily basis.

Postcards are still being sent to Mum on a regular basis. Over the past year or so I’ve learnt that photographs of her are the ones that resonate best with the staff so when I do my next batch (which will be soon, I’ve only got 4 left) they will be focussed on photographs of her rather than of objects/places.

And that, I think, is that.