I use toodledo to manage my todo list, and this works fine, except that it means I have my browser open all the time and don't really plan my days too well being a bit more reactive than proactive. A few weeks ago I stumbled across a tweet from Craig Murphy linking to the ebook version of a (very well written) Pomodoro manual (Pomodoro being a time mangement system). I've been using the Do It Tomorrow technique with toodledo, but haven't really embraced the daily system. Combining the two looks like it'll work well for me, allowing me to focus on what I need to do each day, whilst still recording other items (tomorrow and beyond) in toodledo.

I also recently stumbled across the PocketMod books from paper concept, and have been using a simple one as my work week planner for the last couple of weeks. Today I went one stage further and used Natalie's Pocket Project html/css work to create a Pocket Pomodoro template for myself to use.

It has a week view on the front page - so I can put known appointments in there, allowing me to carry my calendar around the office with me. And then 5 pages of todos, one per week day with an Unplanned and Urgent section to note down extra items. I haven't put any checkboxes in as the number of pomodoros taken to fulfill a task will dictate this. There is an Activity Inventory page, to put any of the items that appear that are not do it today urgent - these will be put into toodledo at an opportune moment. Finally there is a notes page, to jot down anything that comes up during my week. Over time, as I use this more, this may become a second Activity Inventory page, so watch this space.

As with Natalie's example, it only works on Webkit based browsers so I've also created it as a PDF for anyone who is interested in using this but isn't using a webkit based browser.

And of course, once you've got your PocketMod printed, you'll need to fold it, and this YouTube video does a great job of explaining how to do that

The links again: Pocket Pomodoro as PDF

As with the other tools, utilities etc I've made available, leave me feedback via comments.