PhotographyBlog pointed me at PhotographyBB the other day. This is primarily an online magazine, producing a free PDF version monthly. I downloaded the most recent one, popped it on my iPhone, and have been reading articles in it over the past few days.

In general, I haven't really been a big fan of PDF magazines, because I've never really found a good way to read them. However, the iPhone works really well when combined with a 3rd party app - Felaur PDF - and it has been a pleasure.

The magazine is well put together, and informative. I especially enjoyed the book review of Hollywood Portraits: Classic Shots and How to Take Them and the suggestion to take a look at Larry “Darkman” Clark Darkmans Darkroom and especially the photographs that Larry has taken using the styles from the book.

I've subscribed to the PhotographyBB RSS feed and will be using it to ensure I don't miss another edition.