I forgot to select the special "snow" setting for one of the photos I took with the only camera that I'm brave enough to take snowboarding with me resulting in a very blue image.


There obviously isn't a quick fix tool in any of the products for this, but here are the steps I've gone through and the results.\

iPhoto - quite a simple fix, I opened up the Effects panel and selected Antique which had the following affect:


Lightroom - not quite as straightforward. I used the colour picker and tried to find a mid-level grey to act as a neutral by hovering over various pixels whilst watching the image change in the preview window.


Aperture - similar method to lightroom. I used the white balance colour picker.


Some quite different results, I think that both Aperture and Lightroom will be able to do a good job when practiced with. So, Aperture and Lightroom get a point each.

Current scores:
Aperture - 2.5 points
Lightroom - 2 point
iPhoto - 0.5 point
Gimp = 0 points

Task 1 - Black and White
Task 2 - Removing Red eye