As I don't own an off body flash at the moment, I'm dependent on the on-board flash and so often end up with red-eye problems. Of the 4 tools I've been looking at, only 2 of them offer red-eye reduction, although there is a feature request for lightroom so time will tell if it makes it into the final version.

Note: clicking on the images will launch the full size images which makes it easier to review the differences

The original image:


The manipulated images, aperture on the left and iphoto on the right:


I have links to a couple of red eye removal tutorials for Gimp in the Gimp for Photographers post, but the point in this evaluation is ease of use, and how good a job the standard tools do, not a 3 or so step process of how to manage it.

There isn't much to chose between the two images, they both leave a small red rim around the eyes, so both iPhoto and aperture get half a point.


Current scores:
Aperture - 1.5 points
Lightroom - 1 point
iPhoto - 0.5 point
Gimp = 0 points

Task 1 - Black and White