In November 2008 I listed the current contents of my photography bookshelf, well 21 months later, there have been quite a few new additions to that list, some bought by me, some bought for me, and as before some of them are well thumbed, and others are waiting for me to commit some time to learning from them.  Here, in no bookshelf order, they are:

I also read a lot of article and blog posts online, some related to these topics, some which feel more like visiting a gallery or an exhibit, some which are more tutorial based, but I still love having the permanence of these books near my workspace. I have also bought/had bought a couple of the Craft & Vision eBooks, which are good quality but which need a good display to get the most out of them.

So, what are the must-have books that I don't have listed?  What should I be adding to my Amazon wish-list?