Monkey Bites has the Geek Fireworks Guide, mainly due to it being Independence Day, but there are a couple of interesting photography links there. How to Photograph Fireworks from Digital Photography School and also Shooting Fireworks with a Digital Camera by Jim Barthman of the New York Institute of Photography.


My usual opportunities for taking photographs of fireworks come at Lewes Bonfire, but at the end of the recent Brighton Festival I got to take some summertime firework shots. In years gone by I've taken photos of fireworks along the Brighton seafront on summer evenings, and had one of these used as the front cover of a book. It has always been a bit of a hit and miss affair for me, usually involving a lot of fiddling around with settings to try and get the right length of exposure to get good trails, but without over exposing any other items that happen to be in the shot. Hopefully, after reading these articles I'll have a better success rate.

April 2009: Angelica emailed me to inform me that the NYIP article link had changed - it's now updated above. She also recommended this article which I thought I'd add whilst doing the updated. Thanks Angelica.