I did my first bit of card weaving the other week, and then quickly followed it up with a bit of paper weaving.

Woven cardboard heart

The first was a woven cardboard heart made at an event I was at (similar to this felt version only I can’t help thinking the felt would have worked much better - the flexibility would have helped no end). The card wasn’t measured exactly enough to make it work as neatly as I’d have liked.

Woven birthday card

The second was a birthday card for a good friend who had somehow missed out on having received anything woven for her thus far. This was the first of the cards from the paper weaving set I got amongst my Christmas stationery haul. I used one of the designs printed on the wrapping this time so I could see how easy it was to work with and I think it worked out pretty well.

Next time I might try one of my own designs.