Rating: 4 out of 5

I knew of the existence of this book, but hadn’t tracked down a copy to have a look at. Until a happy accident threw it in my direction. After a day in the office, when I can, I pop into the library to transition from work to home. I use this time to complete my timesheet (I’m a contractor), and to make any notes that have occurred to me in the 10 minute walk so far. One evening, a week or so ago, I sat myself down at a table moving some abandoned books out of the way to give my laptop space. One of the books I moved was this. Consider me distracted. Despite it being quite a large book, and my bag being pretty heavy already, I checked it out and brought it home. It’s been a lovely read. Part memoir, part colour/pattern/design theory, part catalogue. An interesting combination but I’m not entirely sure what to review it as - which reduces it to 4 stars. Beautiful photos, nicely written, a warm feeling book.

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