A couple of notes I made in October when on a train from Brighton to London St Pancras:

Of the 8 people on my table and the one next to me, I see:

  • 2 x physical paper copies of the Guardian
  • 3 x physical paper copies of Metro
  • 2 x kindle (mine with guardian downloaded)
  • 1 x mobile phone browser

So, overall paper wins, but mainly being raised up by the distribution of free papers.


If smart phones are smart, why did a guy have to hang up his call to be able to check his calendar to see if he can fit in an appointment. And then say he'd reply by email. 

This is nonsense.

And I do it too. I open up my calendar on a browser or laptop because trying to have a phone conversation and check a detail held on my phone is too hard to orchestrate - I know it's possible, but it isn't easy