As I write this, Glenn should be doing the welcome talk at dConstruct, and he should be revealing Madgex's first foray into open sourcing our software -

From the Madgex Lab site:

" is a .net library which provides full OAuth consumer and provider support. The library facilitates secure API authentication in a simple and standard method for desktop and web applications.

OAuth allows user to grant and deny one application access to the data stored in another application. It forms one of the foundation blocks of the data portability concept, which has the aim of allowing users to easily move their personal data around the web."

From what I've seen and heard, OAuth is a great solution to the password anti-pattern problem. An immediately obvious place for this to be applied within Madgex will be to enhance the backnetwork to offer the ability to find your contacts using the Google contacts API - don't hold your breath mind you as we're all a bit busy delivering job boards in time for the January rush.

As a company, I think we're going to learn a lot through opening this code out to the community and I'm really, really excited about it. Bruce will be doing a talk about OAuth at BarCamp Brighton over the weekend - provisionally titled "OAuth versus the Password Anti-Pattern" - so if you're going to be there and are interested in learning more then pop along and hear what he has to say.