The NVQ meetings are now happening more frequently, theoretically every 2 weeks, although this last one slipped by a week as I'd failed to make enough progress to make it worthwhile my assessor coming in to the office.

I am now working on unit D6 - Allocate and monitor the progress and quality of work in your area of responsibility which is being handled via evidence and statements - i.e. emails, policy documents, supporting material and written statements by myself where necessary and appropriate. Chris, the other Development Team Leader, is also working on this unit so we've put our heads together on this one. Chris created us a table at google docs to store our initial thoughts on how we could show the required outcomes, and between us we filled in what we could before getting advice. Our assessor seemed a bit too impressed by this - I believe that they tend to do this NVQ a lot for the hospitality industry who I guess are a bit less addicted to/embracing of technology.

I remain concerned that I'm demonstrating outcomes rather than learning alternative ways of doing things via structured learning methods. I'm still reading those blogs I mentioned last time and have bought a motivation related book to add to my reading pile so I'm attempting to read around the subject.

Anyways, enough blogging, I've got 4 or 5 statements to write so I'd better head off and get scribbling...