Another NVQ meeting today, they're happening every 2 weeks at the moment which is really keeping me focussed and busy.  Dawn (my NVQ assessor) told me that my first 2 modules were with the External Verifier today (they'd previously been passed by the Internal Verifier), so I should get final confirmation next time she visits.  Over the last couple of weeks I have gathered and written all the remaining pieces of evidence needed for UNIT A2 - Manage your own resources and professional development and so this has now all gone with Dawn to be mapped and finally cross referenced in preparation for submission.  Next up is UNIT E6 - Ensure health and safety requirements are met in your area of responsibility which sounds like a barrel of laughs! The plan is to prepare this as if it was another Professional Discussion, but without it having to be recorded this time. So, over the next couple of weeks I'm going to be getting out my mind mapping tool again, and putting together the framework for a conversation about Health & Safety within my team. I think that these meetings happening more often, fortnightly as opposed to monthly, is really working well for me and helping me to keep on top of the tasks as it is more frequently on my mind. I realised today during my meeting that I'm actually starting to enjoy this process, and it has stopped feeling quite like such an evidence gathering exercise and more useful and relevant.