After almost 2 months, I sat down with Dawn, my NVQ assessor again yesterday.  I'd had to postpone my planned meeting as I just wasn't finding the time to prepare the work necessary for unit B6 - Provide leadership in your area of responsibility during June so I ended up doing a few bits and pieces on holiday to have at least enough to show willing for this unit.  I'd emailed the work through prior to our meeting and was relieved to find out that I wasn't far off from having enough to close this module off as well.  So, only 2 to go.  Both are optional units, and after a lot of discussion the next one I'm going to tackle is  Unit D7 - Provide learning opportunities for colleagues which will be another personal statement covering both what I currently do within the Madgex environment, but also what I'd like to do given total free reign.  Learning has always been something I've been interested in, both from a personal perspective, but also from a team perspective so I'm really excited by this unit.

Whilst we were chatting, Dawn mentioned that the funding for this NVQ is part of the budget cuts from the new government, meaning that there won't be a new intake of managers using the Train to Gain scheme.  What a shame, but what a great opportunity I've had.