Another meeting with Dawn, my NVQ assessor today.  I'd completely forgotten about it until 15 minutes before she was due to arrive so spent a frantic 10 minutes formatting and printing out the reflective accounts and descriptions I'd written - thankfully I'd spent a couple of hours the other week doing some preparation so I didn't have to write things on the fly.  She greeted me with some great news - the first 2 of my modules D1 and D6 have been approved and are officially completed.  Hurrah!

My evidence for module A2 is amassing, and apart from the fact that I forgot to print out one of my descriptions, and didn't finish another I'm well on the way to getting that completed.  With a bit of luck, and another few hours work I should be able to send another one if for assessing.  The most useful aspect of this module was sitting down and doing a SWOT analysis.  I've never been very good at setting myself goals, and haven't prioritised it so being forced/encouraged to do one was really good.  No big surprises in it really, but good to see all of it down on paper to help me to improve myself to get over my weaknesses and play to my strengths.  As Dawn said it comes in really handy in an interview situation to have a really well thought out answer to the inevitable "what are your biggest strengths and weaknesses" question.  It'll stop me having to fall back on my age old, answer of "biggest weakness is interviews".

All in all, a really positive meeting.