I had my first meeting with my NVQ assessor earlier in the week. I was totally unprepared really, having not managed to complete everything I'd been asked to do. I hadn't really prioritised these tasks sufficiently, and I really need to spend some time each week focussing on this. We've chosen my 3 optional units, or at least a shortlist of 4:The first unit I'm going to tackle is D1 - Develop productive working relationships with colleagues.
This unit is about developing working relationships with colleagues, within your own organisation and within other organisations that are productive in terms of supporting and delivering your work and that of the overall organisation.
This will be presented, marked, assessed, whatever through the medium of Professional Discussion. This is going to involve a 20 minute one-sided conversation which is recorded. Hmm, fun. My next meeting with my assessor is going to be a run through of this. Now what is concerning me, is that I usually do my presentations etc surrounded by a lovely slide deck. Without the slide deck, I know I'm going to end up relying way too heavily on paper based notes.

So, where do I go from here? Well, my first concern is working out what a "Professional Discussion" consists of and how structured I should be. Next up is working out how I can structure my discussion enough to demonstrate my knowledge and understanding of the outcomes, behaviours for this unit without it being too forced. I feel a mind-map coming on...