I downloaded a new version of Nokia Sports Tracker the other day and discovered that it now has an online community aspect as well. This is a feature that we originally used on SportsDo, our previous gps tracking tool. The main benefit over SportsDo is that Sports Tracker allows you to upload via your mobile phone OR by importing a GPX file directly into the application. Sports Tracker also still allows exports directly from the application in CSV, XML, GPX or Google Earth (KML) formats to either phone or SD card- a real advantage.

On today's cycle ride, it tells me I got a speed of 42.1mph (which does not match what my cycle computer says - 21.7mph). I've started hunting for tools to spot and remove anomalies from GPX or KML files, but in the meantime have come up with a workable alternative.

  1. Export the file in CSV format
  2. Also export the format in GPX format
  3. Open the CSV file and sort by the Speed column
  4. Look for any readings that look extraordinary - in my case I had lots around the 20, 21, 22 mph mark, and then 3 at 37, 38 and 41 mph - obviously incorrect. Make a note of those numbers, they'll be used in a minute
  5. Open up the GPX file in an editor
  6. Search the file for "Speed " and use the numbers recorded above
  7. For every anomaly you spot, remove the whole trkpt node (see example below)
  8. Save the GPX file
  9. Head over to Sports Tracker and upload the new file
  10. Check that the file looks about right

After working through these stages, I now have an uploaded trail that looks more accurate.

Sample trkpt
<trkpt lat="50.824980" lon="-0.148063">
<desc>Speed 0.2 mph Distance 0.00 mi</desc>