We're planning a trip to Wales for later in the year, and one of the places we're looking to stay at has the following disclaimer:

Please DO NOT use postcode search on Google, Yahoo, etc. as you will be taken to a wrong address. If you are using satellite navigation please ONLY use the coordinates in the format below:

My new phone has GPS and the Route 66 navigation software. Great I think. I'll just pop in the coordinates and away I'll go. Not so easy as it turns out. Under the Search options there are the following:

  • Free Text (enter some text and hope for the best)
  • Address
  • Nearby (i.e. close to where the gps detects I currently am
  • History (a list of places I've searched for or been at recently
  • Landmarks (places I've entered and saved)
  • Contacts (people I have in my address book

I tried entering N52.85005 into both Free text and address, but to no avail.
I did a quick search on the internet, and just found postings from people saying that Route 66 didn't work with longitude and latitude inputs - you can send a longitude and latitude by selecting Send -> Cursor Position or Send -> GPS Position which displays the settings in a text message or other format.

After a bit of playing around, I discovered that if you choose to add a Landmark, via the My Landmarks -> New Landmark -> Blank method you can enter the usual information - Name, Street, Zip code, City etc, and at the bottom, tucked out of the way is Latitude and Longitude. By entering the information in as a landmark, and saving it, I can then show this on the map and use it for navigation purposes.

So, not a straightforward method - but it works!