My new crafting space

My usual routine for doing any crafting work that needs a sewing machine or loom involves clearing the dining room table. This only takes 5 or 10 minutes but I’d noticed that it was enough to prevent me from getting started.

We have a spare room which was rarely used for anything other than drying laundry. As part of a plan to reclaim the room we recently bought a washer dryer. So the room is available again. I wondered if I could use it as a crafting space. The morning light streams through the window in this room. And weekend mornings is when I do most of my weaving. So it sounded like it was worth a try.

I bought a light but strong folding table as a work surface - I figured I could store it under the bed when the room needs to be a spare bedroom again. It fits under the window perfectly and is wide enough to rest the loom on. I’ve got space at the back of the table to store my sewing machine, sewing box and cotton caddy. And that still leaves enough space at the front of the table to hold my loom, or other stuff.

This is my second weekend using this space. And I love it. It’s great having a space that I can leave in a bit of a mess. I guess it is time to think about making a sewing machine cover.