My Life Story

This beautifully presented book is a 100-year diary to help record the events of a lifetime. As well as pages to record details of your life's education, awards, jobs, useful skills, useless skills and people never to forget, each year also has plenty of space to record your doings for Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, year highlights and things / people you currently love or hate. In addition there are places to record other facts that will be interesting to look back on, such as top 10 books, your height / weight, photos and much more. A great way to never forget special moments, friends, places, and achievements.

Handpicked because: Records family history as you live it.

Give it to: Clever godchildren, diary addicts and anyone with a life!

I spotted this whilst browsing through a catalogue that had dropped through the letterbox. This is basically what I'm attempting to do, only retrospectively, for Mum. If Mum had one of these through her life and had recorded thoughts, images and emotions about significant (or insignificant for that matter) dates, that would have been a great help!