In a loose chronological order:

  • walking with Skitters and Richard in Stanmer Park through snow that reached up to the dog’s tummy, watching her bounce along through it
  • having deliberate time off between jobs and using it wisely to enjoy exhibitions, visit places and spend quality time catching up with some lovely people
  • sitting with my feet dangling in a cool stream on a hot day with one of my favourite people to spend time with
  • walking with Skitters and Richard around Chichester harbour on a lovely summer day. Chichester Harbour was a new discovery for me, I didn’t realise there was coast like that so close to home
  • watching 4 world records being broken, and a British gold medal being won and awarded, in the velodrome during the Paralympics
  • sitting, with the dog snoozing on my lap, on a quiet weekend morning with just a loom and a weaving project to occupy me
  • walking in crisp, white snow in beautiful Finnish lapland with lovely Richard, wrapped up in warm clothing with frost forming on my eyelashes

All in all, 2012 has been a good, much more controlled, year. A big improvement over 2011. I’d like another year like it for 2013 please, and I’d wish the same for everyone else too. Happy New Year!