My team have been given a new project to work on, which is improvements to the current functionality offered by an ASP.NET 2/C# product. To this end, we've highlighted a couple of courses as a way to get up to speed to enable us to maintain and enhance this product going forward.

Xpertise have come into the office, and we've taken over the boardroom to have a week long course covering both the Core Web Application Technologies, and the Advanced Web Application Technologies workshops.

Yesterday was the first day of the course, and covered off several of the basics, covering the creation of a web application using a file system web server, doing some basic programming, handling errors nicely and also starting to look into using server controls and the use of postback.

So far I'm enjoying it, and its starting to make the source code that I looked at last week for the new product far easier to understand. My last forray into web development using Microsoft tools was back in 2003 when I last did some ASP work. I'm hoping to be able to lead by example and do some development as well as recommendations and design work.