I read this article the other day, and it makes total sense to me to make it more about feeling than thinking.

The action I’ve taken away is to find an app for my phone that reminds me five times a day at random intervals to take a moment and notice my surroundings by asking me

what is happening here and now that’s pleasant, beautiful or helpful?

The article continues with

Don’t just identify it—find the experience itself, the actual sight, sound or feeling, and enjoy it

And I’ve been trying to do that. I hope, in time, not to need an app to remind me to do it and for it to become a habit. But it’s early days. I haven’t abandoned my practice of writing three (or more) things I’m grateful for down on paper yet either. I have often re-read previous days thoughts to remind myself of my good fortune, and I’m nervous about removing something that helps me. But I’m excited by the idea of making it a practice of feeling in the moment rather than, or maybe as well as, end of day reflection.