As part of my method of helping to share Mum's storyline with her keyworker and other staff at her care home I got some postcards printed.

When we visited Mum at the weekend, the cork board in her room was covered in postcards I'd sent from different places over the past 9 months, including the first of the storyline postcards. As it was her birthday, all of her birthday cards were in one of the lounges, and amongst them was another of the postcards - this time of an embroidery she had done.

One of her carers remarked on how great it was to get an insight into Mum and how wonderful the postcards were in helping with this.

This is exactly the result I'd hoped for - at the very least sending postcards of objects/photos is helping the carers learn more about Mum. If we're really lucky then Mum will recognise them too, but, if I'm honest, this seems less likely.

All in all though, a win!