Since getting my Nokia 6110 Navigator, I've subscribed to vodafone's internet package. I use Google Reader as my rss reader, and am making use of the mobile version to keep on top of my feeds. This has changed the way I use google reader.

When I'm using a desktop or laptop I'll skim read an item, and open any interesting links in another tab and go and take a look at the linked content. I then get caught in a link opening hell and don't get through many of my original RSS items.

On the mobile I've found myself using the starring functionality to indicate that there is a link I'd like to follow later. This means that when I do get some time on a desktop/laptop I've got a subset of items to follow up on allowing me to concentrate on them rather than skimming through. I've also noticed that I am reading many of the items more thoroughly, probably because there is less "link opening" going on and so less distraction.